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Plascon 360° Partnership Pledge - build your property portfolio

The Plascon 360° Partnership Pledge: Building Your Property Portfolio

Plascon 360° Partnership Pledge - build your property portfolioWhen it comes to enhancing and preserving your property portfolio, there is only one solution. The Plascon 360° Partnership Pledge. The 360° pledge is a complete solution, one that is cost effective and custom designed to your projects. It’s not just a can or two of paint, it is a partnership, aimed at providing peace of mind by enhancing your property portfolio and by managing all your coating requirements both interior and exterior. All backed by Plascon’s years of experience. The 360° partnership pledge from Plascon, a long term partnership that will help build your bottom line. See more…

Plascon’s 2018 Colour Forecast is here!

Colour forecast 2018

Every year we put together the Plascon Colour Forecast to help people decode the world of colour trends and make them relevant to their lives.

By taking global trends and then filtering them to suit our local tastes and lifestyle, the Plascon Colour Forecast makes it easy to tackle your next décor project with confidence. Discover the latest colour trends and find the ones that are just right for you.

For more information on the 2018 Plascon Colour Forecast, visit https://plascon.com/CF2018

New and Improved Elastoshield™ NOW with a 10 Year Guarantee!

Product of MonthOct - Elastoshield

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Plascon Professional Elastoshield™ now offers 30% more flexibility than its closest competitor at -5°C… with a 10 Year Guarantee. Now making it more durable and long lasting. Armed with this product, you’ll marvel at the power of Plascon’s innovative technologies and 125 years of guaranteed quality.

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